Jonathan Gin

exploring Origami Owl

My Origami Owl Adventures

Welcome to my Origami Owl Adventures. Stop by to see my latest adventures with Origami Owl. You can find updates on events that I am doing or things that I am doing to build my Origami Owl Business. This page is still in the process of finding it’s groove, but as this website grows, I hope to share a whole lot more of my adventures. Until then, Origami Owl Must Be Explored!

My Origami Owl Workshop walkthrough

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 2018 Origami Owl Convention as a workshop faciliator. I was asked by Origami Owl if I was willing to lead the MOO Pow Wow! Workshop. I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to give back to the Origami Owl community. However, I did want to make my session more than just about learning my experiences in supporting my wife in Origami Owl. I wanted to provide real in-depth relatable experiences that I had come across as a business owner and entrepeneur for as long as I could remember.

Due to the positive feedback, I wanted to provide everyone with the chance to watch and view the content that was in my workshop. There will be some slight differences between the actual workshop and the one I pre-recorded as I wanted to allow for more in person discussion and sharing on other MOO experiences, but you will find the majority of the content available in my early practice run. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful and feel free to reach out to me.

Jonathan Gin