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August Join Special

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I am going to be a little honest here. This is the best Join Kit Opportunity ever from Origami Owl. Even better than the join for $2 Special. Why? Well one of the main issues with the $2 join kit was that it did not provide a new designer with jewelry. It did not provide a designer with the opportunity to show off our AMAZING jewerly.

Here is the real deal. If you ever thought about joining Origami Owl or even if you ever on the edge of purchasing yourself an Origami Owl locket for yourself or for someone else. This kit gives you $100 in Hoot Loot to purchase towards what you need to get your business going. Not only that, but you get to join our Owlhana Family.

That’s Right! You get direct access to our Owlhana Family where no one ever gets left behind or forgotten. We want to provide you with the tools and training to take you where you want this business to go for you. If it just for making new life long friends, making some extra free money for your family, or if you just love Origami Owl Jewelry. This is the perfect opportunity for you.

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Jonathan Gin is one half of Team Gin. Together with is wife, they represent a wealth of different experiences and knowledge within the O2 world. Although their expertise may differ, they believe that everyone should feel a part of the O2 family and follow the 10 Core Origami Owl Values. Reach out and explore Origami Owl with us. Find Me On Facebook or shop our Origami Owl Store.