Jonathan Gin

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Origami Owl Convention Recap

2018-07-29 Jonathan Ginconvention

Another year of amazing training and team bonding is in the books!!!

As usual, I made a quick cameo in their recap video. See if you can spot me.

With all the suspender snapping aside, I had an amazing time at convention. I really feel like they hit the hammer on the head with this upcoming Fall/Winter Product release. Origami Owl continues to innovate and build upon their previous product launches. The Locket Builder will be a designer fan favorite as it has been an Ask for years and Origami Owl is finally in a position where they can bring that functionality to the designers. The Punta Cana trip feels very attainable for anyone who wants to really dig down and work their business and removed the requirement for those who don’t want to rely on sponsoring. As usual, it really depends on a strong and refreshed August month to drive your numbers as I do not expect that there will be any additional trip promotions besides the August double points month. I feel the sense of community is stronger than ever and as a team, we will push together to share the O2 Experience and get those willing to Punta Cana.