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Day 4 Origami Owl Convention Trip

2018-07-28 Jonathan Ginconvention

Fly Me To The Moon Final day of general session, more product reveals, more giveaways, workshops, and of course the Origami Owl Convention Fly Me To The Moon Ball.

More Product Reveals

For those who want to honor our military, Origami Owl released a US memorial flag charm with the words In Memory of a Hero on the back. Other amazing charms include dinosaurs, planets, stars, microscopes, and big/little sister charms. Earlier in the year, Origami Owl asked their designers to choose and vote on charms to come out with. It looks like Origami Owl listened and responded in a big way with these charms. They also honored the request of locket earrings! Check out our Fall/Winter announcement later for a full look at the rest of the new product. Also at one point, yours truly may have did a toe touch on stage to help announce new cheerleading charms.

Empowerment Collection

Origami Owl announces a new Empowerment Collection of delicate necklaces. Each with words of empowerment from “I AM ENOUGH”, “I AM STRONG”, “I AM FEARLESS”, and “I WILL PERSEVERE”. These necklaces help carry words of encouragement as a reminder as we go throughout our day. These necklaces are very simple but very strong with a very elegant look that should go well with almost anything.

Fashion Show

Origami Owl provided a quick fashion show with designers showing ways to rock out our collection by using simple layering and solid colors to help our lockets stand out. Robert McCannel used his fashion background to help anchor the show by putting together looks based upon the current trends and explaining simple tips to look your greatest for this upcoming season.

Closing Speech

Chrissy Weems came out to lead the closing speech. She led with the empowerment ideas from Napoleon Hill and that “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” To move forward she gave us 5 beliefs that if we want to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) that we would need to accomplish and realize.

  1. My life has divine purpose and meaning.
  2. I am UNSTOPPABLE. I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
  3. All of my trials and failures are happening for me, not to me.
  4. I am enough, exactly as I am.
  5. My past does not equal my future.

After that, we all came together along with all of the staff from Origami Owl, held arms and hands and stood united as we listened, karaoked, and swayed to “Stand By You” from Rachel Platten.

Workshops, Workshops, and more Workshops

It wouldn’t be an Origami Owl Convention without training from some of the amazing designers making things happen out in the field. This year I was asked to lead the MOO Pow WoW! workshop. I had the opportunity to discuss things I’ve learned while being part of a Family Business most of my life. How to expand your Family network and how to change your mindset to open it to learning and to growth to grow yourself as a small owner by creating an alliance with others. Other workshops I personally attended include the Facebook jewelry bar: share/sponsor.

For those interested, below are my PowerPoint slides with an early draft of my workshop.

Fly Me To The Moon Party

Origami Owl Convention Closing Parties are a lot of fun. There is food, dancing, recognition, social media photo areas, and a chance to meet and interact with the Founders. As usual, we took the opportunity to dance our hearts out and take lots of photos with our most favorite people.

Twirl The Dress