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Day 3 Origami Owl Convention Trip

2018-07-27 Jonathan Ginconvention

Fly General session kicked off with business updates including new product reveals, new business technology, guest speakers, and more. It was jammed pack with information.

Kick Off

Attending an Origami Owl Convention General Session is an amazing thing. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs showcasing why we are more than just a jewelry company. After settling down from an impromptu dance party provided by the Origami Owl workers on stage, Bella comes out and sings Blackbird to everyone.

First Set Of Announcements: Owlettes

owlette exclusive owlette bro

Origami Owl announces updates to their Owlette Program. The Owlette program is a program for children ages 11-17 who want to participate in the Origami Owl Business and receive age appropriate training on how to run a business. Owlettes will be able to earn exclusive charms as they complete business related tasks. In addition, they announced a new BRO SQUAD to identify and honor Boys Representing Origami Owl.

owlette cancer owlette hands

The Owlettes were asked this year to submit charms that best represent Origami Owl and their mission statement to be a Force For Good for their Live Sparkly campaign. Two designs were choosen this year and were turned into charms. The first charm was created a Daisy in gold to represent childhood cancer with each petal having a different color symbolizing the different childhood cancers. Proceeds on the sale of this charm will go towards Camp Sunshine a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Another charm was announced that represents the Origami Owl Heart Hands and the diversity of people that it brings people together.

Tech Announcement - Locket Builder

Origami Owl is constantly innovating their technology offering to designers to help them run their business better and more efficiently. Coming for the holiday season, Origami Owl will be launching a virtual Locket Builder which will allow us to build lockets virtually by dropping charms into lockets and sending them to customers to review and to play with themselves. This application offer is a game changer for those who want to quickly build and share looks.

Guest Speaker: Mike Lemieux

Mike Lemieux, a Social Influencer Marketing Pioneer, and Founder of Hustle & Totter came to speak to us on the importance of social media and how to gain more traction and expand your network by building an audience which increases sales. He highlighted 6 steps: Bio/About Section, Storytelling Through Captions, Quality Content, Authenticity, Vulbernability, and Consistency. I think he did a great job relaying these ideas. I look forward to implementing some of his ideas and actions in my future social media posts. At the end, he provided 3 E-books for free to download later.

Fall Product Release

It wouldn’t be an Origami Owl Convention without some amazing new product releases. Origami Owl announced some new on trend lockets for Fall, including a convertible Geo Living Locket, a Bar Wrap Locket, Chocolate Locket Watch and Lockets, as well as a whole lot of new charms. I would go into details, but check out our future posts for higher quality images and announcements. A partnership with ILLUMINATION was announced and we can expect Dr. Seuss The Grinch charms and items to be released later in the year. As usual, we were also able to get some of these new items for free as it has been a tradition where multiple times throughout the general session, “Everyone Gets One” is announced and everyone in the audience gets a piece of the collection.

Incentive Trip to Punta Cana Announced

Like previous years, Origami Owl has offered incentive trips to designers who work their business and meet certain criteria. This year is not an exception and they announced that designers can earn a trip to Punta Cana. We have worked our Origami Owl business and have been able to earn two trips to Cancun, a cruise to the Caribbean, and just recently a trip to Disney World. As usual, we will be working on earning our trip for 2 to Punta Cana and as one of our additional goals this year, we want to make sure that one of our Designers goes with us. If you are interested in trying to go, we will be goal setting and goal tracking our team to try to get as many as we can there. Reach out to us if you want to go, we would love to have you there with us. That being said, there was an amazing announcement that followed.

$19 On The Go Kit - Aug 1st - Aug 15th

In the past, we’ve had an amazing promotion to give people the opportunity to join Origami Owl. I believe this is the best offer yet. For the first two weeks of August, there is a $19 On The Go Kit that will allow people to sign up to be an Origami Owl Designer as well as receive $100 in Hoot Loot and other business materials to get their business off the ground. Literally, for only $19, you can get a whole Origami Owl look of your choice. For more details, check out the On The Go Kit Article.

After Party with Team Believe

After a long day of General Session, it was off to the Team Believe party hosted by Tami B. As usual there was a lot of dancing, a lot of networking, and a lot of recognition. After a little co-mingling it was time to call it the night and get ready for the next day of O2 Excitement.