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Day 2 Origami Owl Convention Trip

2018-07-26 Jonathan Ginconvention

Fly Registration, Company Tours, Shopping, and some Workshops. Day 2 of convention was about getting settled in as Origami Owl Designers from all of the country converged on Phoenix. For us it was a lot of hugs, hellos, and selfies with each other.

o2store sparkle

Origami Owl has a lot of fun displays showing off some of their latest looks, amazing opportunties to take social media photos, and ways to just have fun by interacting with displays. Some of the highlights are giant angelic wings to help you take flight with, an Origami Owl Neon Sign with giant cardboard momentos to play with, and even a giant Origami Owl Locket. There were also a few touching moments where we found ourselves recognized for being SuccessBuilders as well as being a #FurMom. I love the way that Origami Owl incorporates us and helps us live our stories and our moments.

swarovski2 swarovski

As always, Swarovski provided an on-site fun display of their crystals as well as other interactive activities. I will say that Swarovski knows how to get their sparkle on. This year they went above and beyond by offering 2 Exclusive Origami Owl looks for purchase only at the Convention. The first was a beautiful Swarovski Wing Locket and the other a pair of beautiful Swarovksi Stud Earrings that reminded me of the color of sea glass.

party ohana party ohana fun

As a thank you to those in attendance, we threw a joint pizza pajama party for the Team Timeless Owls and Team Feathered Friends but anyone who wanted to attend could come.

party f friends

Excuse the dust as there are so many more photos that I want to share. So this post will evolve a little as this website is still in progress.